Why StudiVolt?

Our Apprehension of Learning

Many of our Tutors are high school and university students who are still have memories of learning coding for the first time and posess a better ability to teach!

Our Goal.

Our comprehensive 8 week program aims not only to teach students basic coding skills, but also to ignite a passion for programming within our students!

Our Commitment To Quality.

Though we provide our services for free, we are as stubborn as mules when it comes to cutting quality. At StudiVolt we select tutors of steadfast character to ensure success!

Our Accessibility

StudiVolt's 8 week program is done fully virtually and generally at a time convinent for you (depending on availibility). We understand adverse circumstances and have flexible dates.

Earn Certification

45 Minute Lesson Once Per Week

8 Sessions Total

How We Operate


Earn Volunteer Hours While Pursuing a Passion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESL support available?

At this point all of out tutoring sessions will be conducted in English. We are working tirelessly to bring ESL support to the to the Studivolt community.

Can I re-take the course if I'd like?

Yes. Depending on availibility, you are free to re-enroll in any of Studivolt's as many times as you would like to.

I completed the certification, now what?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS. On the 8th and final session, your tutor should provide guidance on where to go to progress futher in your programming knowledge. If you have futher concerns, pleases send an email.

As a tutor, can I get a reference from StudiVolt for my r​ésumé?

If you have voluteered at StudiVolt, we are happy to help you in your future endeavors in any way possible. Send an email and we will get back to you shortly.

What should I do if my tutor is unresponsive

At studivolt we put our best effort towards ensuring that we are choosing dilligent volunteers for the job. If however, you find your tutor to be unresponsive, send an email and we will fix the issue or assign a new tutor.



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